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CU Marriage Ministry believes that effective ministry begins at home. CU Marriage ministry strives to improve and maintain communication between partners in marriage.  The marriage ministry aims to support Christian marriage as an institution and promotes family values based upon the teachings and principles of God.  Toward this end, we envision homes that are firmly Christ-centered, where His indwelling presence is truly sustainable. This ministry strives to bring regular Biblical teaching on timely issues to husbands, wives, and parents; to provide encouraging peer support for our families; to maintain resources for equipping and assisting families to address key issues; and, to make available special events to edify our marriages/families while strengthening fellowship with one another.

Monthly Marriage

Overseer & Lady Blackmon are the facilitators of our monthly marriage event. Birthed from their weekly date night, they create an open environment for couples in the ministry to come together for a child-free, night out!

Previous Marriage Events include: Game Night, Couple's Bible Study, Paint Night, etc.


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